VENUS Bath & Massage Salon

There is absolutely nothing nothing in the world like it:

VENUS Bath & Massage Salon

You just think you’ve had it all. You've been kissed and teased and pinched and squeezed but until you put yourself in these hands, The hands of VENUS, you've missed a large slice of pleasure.

VENUS Bath & Massage Salon is a Japanese type sensual center where you are the center of attention; undivided attention. You are laid gently into your own private love-tub by The Ladies of Lather.

By the way these gentle and obedient attendants who care for you and caress you with warm oils and brightly colored bubbles insist on working purely naked. Nothing in the way between them and their work.

This is one of those exhilarating experiences that will stay in your memory banks forever.

We're talking exquisite hands and fingers pressing all your right buttons; you're going on a ride of ecstasy and it's all so easy, so close, so fun.

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VENUS Bath & Massage Salon
Minutes from Las Vegas
Open 24 Hours eveiy day
All Plastic Accepted
For total information: 1-775-372-5574

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VENUS Bath & Massage Salon is listed as a Hot Spot of Nevada.
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